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Veterans’ Guide: Avoiding Three Key Resume Errors and Finding Success

23rd May 2024

As veterans transition from military service to the civilian workforce, crafting a resume that resonates with corporate recruiters is crucial. At Military To Corp (M2C), we’ve gathered insights from Talent Acquisition Managers to help you avoid common pitfalls. Here’s how to refine your resume for success:

1. Incorporate the Right Keywords

Challenge: Many veterans’ resumes lack the specific keywords that recruiters scan for, leading to missed opportunities.

Solution: Tailor your resume with industry-specific keywords found in job descriptions. Use job portals to identify common terms across similar roles and integrate them into your resume to enhance visibility.

2. Quantify Your Achievements

Challenge: Military resumes often omit quantifiable results, leaving accomplishments vague and less impactful.

Solution: Translate your military achievements into measurable outcomes. Whether it’s operational efficiency or cost savings, use numbers and percentages to demonstrate your impact.

3. Personalize Your Resume

Challenge: A generic, copied resume fails to capture your unique skills and experiences, reducing your chances of standing out.

Solution: Invest time in crafting a personalized resume that reflects your individual journey. Align it with the job description for each application to show you’re the perfect fit for the role.

Remember, your resume is your first impression. Make it count by showcasing how your military expertise can contribute to the corporate world. For more tailored advice and resources, visit us at Military To Corp.

Embark on your new career path with confidence!

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