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MilitaryToCorp-M2C has successfully conducted multiple companies' career fairs, wherein several leading companies take part in an online hiring event. These companies' hiring managers and recruiters connect with talented veteran candidates, and conversations are made online through the technically advanced platform. These career fairs have turned out to be highly popular among companies that have been hiring veterans or are looking at hiring veterans for the first time.

Is your company looking to Hire Double Diversity
(Military Diversity + Gender Diversity)?


Companies looking to expand their diverse talent pool can now gain access to the amazing skill set of women veterans through this exclusive job fair. At Military To Corp-M2C, we call it D2D hiring (military diversity to gender diversity), which is about hiring women officers of the military as it forms a niche pool of highly skilled veteran talent in technical and non-technical roles.

With many firsts to its name, M2C first launched this online job fair initiative of its kind in 2021 in India. We made it easy to network for companies looking to hire diversity talent and mid-senior level women leaders from the military looking for opportunities in corporate.

On 12th March 2024, the 4th edition of this job fair will also alleviate one of the major challenges faced by Corporate India, which is the leadership void from the gender diversity talent.

Some of the compelling reasons for hiring Women Veterans are:

[✔] Tasted leadership in the 20s in the VUCA world
[✔] A great combination of Military diversity and gender diversity
[✔] Highly cultured and motivated-they get it done, irrespective
[✔] Talent availability across domains, tech/semi-tech/non-tech

[👉 Date: Tuesday, 12th March 2024
[👉 Platform: Online




To know more about how your company can participate in HWW- Hire Women Warriors Job Fair, Click Here 

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