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Our Philosophy

The central pillar of our philosophy lies in our belief in 'Doing Good'. 'Doing Good' refers to our continuous and relentless approach to helping veterans from the military and para-military forces connect with corporates in getting fulfilling and enriching second career opportunities post-retirement from active service. Our 'Doing Good' approach also means that corporates get the best of the veteran talent pool, the talent that will add to the workforce diversity and bring in very distinct behavioral DNA along with decades of domain and functional experience. 'Doing Good' approach also manifests in giving our employees a reason to come to work every day by casting an unambiguous policy framework for their career progression and investment commitments into their overall career development. Doing Good defines us. Doing Good guides us.

Our Vision

Is to bring corporate and veteran communities together for the exchange of ideas, thoughts, and opportunities that will create diverse, inclusive, and vibrant workplaces.


Our Mission

Is to become the preferred go-to veteran hiring partner for corporates across industries and functions in India Is to help veterans in transitioning seamlessly to the corporate sector for enriching second career opportunities.

Our Story

It all started with the realization that our country has the third-largest army in the world and there are limited efforts to help veterans transition to the corporate sector. Along the way, the very personal stories of our co-founders vetted the idea that this needed to change soon thus M2C was conceived. From that wintry Delhi evening in 2012 to this day, M2C’s mission has been to help every retiring soldier get a respectful and befitting second career. M2C’s representatives are out there in the corporate corridors meeting business leaders across industry verticals in building awareness about the employability quotient of veterans and putting up a comprehensive business case with staffing and business leaders to convince them about the immense value of hiring veterans. Our approach to hiring is very consultative. We do not believe in the “spray and pray” approach to recruitment – our specialist recruiters have in-depth knowledge of industry verticals and we only serve the niche talent pool of veterans. We have made a very conscious choice to fulfill only the veteran hiring mandate because we firmly believe that veterans can add a lot of tangible value to the organizations with their domain and functional skills along with their soft skills and unique work ethic.


Our People

We are a team of retired military officers and management consultants who understand both the turfs – the veterans and the corporates. This complimentary experience helps us in understanding the military as well as corporate vocabulary, and more importantly the unspoken yet mandated expectations – which most of the time makes the difference in delivering the best-in-class hiring experience.

If you are looking to explore how military veterans can add value to your organizations,
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We at M2C have unparalleled touch-points with veterans' career post-retirement, we know the secret sauce for that winning veteran resume because; We are Recruiters, We are Industry Insiders & We are Veterans

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