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Career Transition Workshops

The transition from Military to Corporate is extremely challenging and transitioning military professionals are unaware of the best practices followed outside in the corporate world & the career tools that can help them in a seamless transition.

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Career Transition Program- CTP

CTP is a strategically designed program focused on giving military veterans insights about self-awareness and will help systematically to approach their second career, leading them to find their dream career in the corporate world.

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Resume Building Services

At MilitaryToCorp-M2C, we understand that you, as a military professional, have proudly worn your resume on your chest, we do know that your credentials outsize a typical resume; however, resume is the first and most important transition tool in your armor, when transitioning to corporate. Our extensive experience in veteran hiring strongly points toward the need to have a compelling, crisp, and differentiated resume that breaks away from the clutter of applications and catches the recruiters’ attention.

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So far, there was a void of tailored resources that can arm the transitioning veterans with the requisite knowledge and career tools required for a successful career transition. MilitaryToCorp-M2C has created career resource booklets to support our veterans in their career transition. Veterans can go through these e-booklets in their own time and gain knowledge to ace their career transition.

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If you are looking to explore how military veterans can add value to your organizations,
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We at M2C have unparalleled touch-points with veterans' career post-retirement, we know the secret sauce for that winning veteran resume because; We are Recruiters, We are Industry Insiders & We are Veterans

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