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Volume Hiring

MilitaryToCorp-M2C has been the most preferred veteran hiring consultancy firm in India and is the HR vendor partner with several Fortune 500 companies & top-notch Indian brands. Some of these top-notch companies in industries such as Logistics, E-com, Telecom, IT, Investment banks, Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defence have volume hiring demands, especially in roles such as Engineering, Operations, Maintenance, Safety, technology, finance, and more.

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Multiple Companies Career Fair

MilitaryToCorp-M2C has successfully conducted multiple companies' career fairs wherein several leading companies take part in an online hiring event. These companies' hiring managers and recruiters connect with talented veteran candidates and online conversations are made over the technically advanced platform.

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Single Company Career Fair

At MilitaryToCorp-M2C, the team is constantly evolving to align with the changing landscape in hiring & closely support the dynamic requirements of our esteemed clients & help them hire the best diverse talent. In one such endeavor, MilitaryToCorp-M2C has launched a bespoke hiring event organized virtually exclusively for a single company based on the skill sets, roles & levels that the company is looking at hiring.


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Corporate Awareness Workshop

MilitaryToCorp-M2C is India’s first ‘Veteran Hiring’ Consulting firm & has experience working with more than 200 Fortune 500 companies & top leaders in almost every industry in India for past 10 years. Leveraging the experience of hiring for top-notch firms, M2C's services don't stop only at recruiting talented veteran candidates but also it consult companies on how to integrate veteran talent, the business case of hiring veterans, and best practices around veteran hiring & retention, or even how to onboard veterans successfully.

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Veteran Hiring Solutions

MilitaryToCorp-M2C is a niche talent firm that focuses only on veteran talent and offers solutions that help companies hire & retain the most talented, skilled, and exceptional leaders from the military. With almost a decade of exclusive experience in promoting military diversity & hiring veterans for more than 200 companies in India, MilitaryToCorp-M2C has streamlined and structured the hiring of this diverse pipeline. MilitaryToCorp-M2C has a data bank of already transitioned or about to transition veteran talent captured through its portal www.militarytocorp.com.


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We at M2C have unparalleled touch-points with veterans' career post-retirement, we know the secret sauce for that winning veteran resume because; We are Recruiters, We are Industry Insiders & We are Veterans

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