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Why Should You Be an Early Bird in Your Military Transition?

12th October 2023

Time can be your greatest ally or your fiercest enemy when transitioning from military service to corporate life. 

Here's why being an early bird in your military transition is not just a good idea but a crucial step toward success:

1. Military Life Moves Fast:

Life in the military moves quickly. You find yourself constantly busy with deployments, training, and missions. It feels like no time has passed, and suddenly, your transition from military to civilian life is right around the corner. This quick pace makes it essential to plan ahead. Starting early is key to a successful transition and avoiding the stress that can come with last-minute preparations.

2. "Service before Self" Mentality:

The military upholds a core value known as "Service before Self," a commendable ethos that places the mission and the well-being of comrades above personal interests. This selfless dedication is a hallmark of military service, emphasizing teamwork, unity, and a shared commitment to a greater cause. However, while this value is essential for success in the military and fosters a strong sense of camaraderie, it can sometimes unintentionally lead to the neglect of personal career planning. With a primary focus on collective goals and responsibilities, individual career development may take a back seat, making it imperative for military personnel to consciously allocate time and effort to their own transition planning for a successful shift to civilian life.

3. Importance of Career Transition:

The significance of a well-planned career transition cannot be overstated, and neglecting this critical phase can have adverse consequences. It's important to recognize that many veterans who have transitioned before you have encountered substantial challenges when seeking a meaningful second career. These difficulties often arise from insufficient preparation. Without a carefully thought-out transition strategy, veterans may find themselves at a disadvantage in the competitive civilian job market. It can be challenging to identify suitable career opportunities and effectively leverage one's military experience without prior planning. Therefore, emphasizing the importance of a well-prepared career transition is essential to avoid potential setbacks and ensure a smoother path toward a fulfilling civilian career.

4. The Wrong Notion:

A common misconception among military personnel is the belief that there's ample time to contemplate their transition to civilian life at a later date, often because they are fully engaged in their current military duties. This notion can be misleading and potentially result in missed opportunities. The truth is that planning for a successful transition should commence early, allowing individuals to make informed decisions about their future paths. Delaying this process until the last moment can limit the options available and create unnecessary stress. By recognizing the fallacy of this notion and taking proactive steps toward transition planning, military personnel can better position themselves to seize opportunities and embark on a smoother journey toward a rewarding civilian career.

So, why should you be an early bird in your military transition?


  • Plan Wisely: Early preparation helps you create a solid plan for your post-military life.
  • Reduce Stress: It eases the anxiety that comes with big life changes, giving you time to explore your options at your own pace.
  • Maximize Opportunities: Starting early opens up more choices, from further education to job possibilities.
  • Build Networks: Building professional relationships takes time. Starting early allows you to connect with mentors and experts who can guide your transition.
  • Time is a valuable resource during the military transition. Don't let it slip away. Starting early ensures a smoother and more successful move to civilian life. Your future begins with early planning.

Time is a valuable asset when transitioning from the military. 

Don't let it slip away. 

Be an early bird in your military transition to ensure a smoother, more successful shift into civilian life. 

Your future begins with early preparation


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