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CTP is a strategically designed program focused on giving military veterans insights about self-awareness and will help them systematically to approach their second career, leading them to find their dream career in the corporate world. The transition from Military to Corporate is extremely challenging and the majority of veterans find it difficult to successfully navigate to the right career post-transition. At MilitaryToCorp-M2C, we have seen that while so many companies incorporate are keen to hire veterans but they are unable to successfully hire them. One of the major reasons for it is the lack of awareness on the part of transitioning military veterans as to what are the best practices followed in the corporate world and how to approach their second career post-military.

Military professionals when they retire have no/less awareness on:

  • How to translate their military experience into corporate

  • Which all roles in corporate would best align with their military experience

  • How to prepare a resume and face corporate interviews

  • Best practices for LinkedIn, Networking & Job hunting

  • How to upskill and pursue higher education

  • How to speak like a civilian M2C has been exclusively into veteran hiring since 2013.

Since then, every day we coach military veterans on career transition, create military resumes, work on corporate positions, line up interviews of military veterans with HR recruiters/hiring managers and successfully place military veterans across levels, roles, companies, and industries in the Corporate. At MilitaryToCorp-M2C, we have an experience of thousands of hours of veteran hiring & veteran transition, and the combination of the two makes a perfect recipe for a CTP program. CTP is a 100 hrs program delivered online by industry experts with a deep understanding of veteran hiring and veteran transition. It is a scientifically designed program spread over five broad modules which would cover all essential aspects to empower and prepare veterans for a seamless transition. An ideal timeline to join this program would be when a military professional has two to three years to transition, however, it will benefit even those who just have a few months to transition.

To know the dates of the next batch of CTP and enroll for it, write to us at info@militarytocorp.com.



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