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MilitaryToCorp-M2C is India’s first ‘Veteran Hiring’ Consulting firm & has experience working with more than 200 Fortune 500 companies & top leaders in almost every industry in India for the last 10 years. Leveraging the experience of hiring for top-notch firms, MilitaryToCorp-M2C's services don't stop only at recruiting talented veteran candidates but also it consults companies on how to integrate veteran talent, the business case of hiring veterans, best practices around veteran hiring & retention, or even how to onboard veterans successfully. This knowledge is shared through its highly popular corporate awareness workshops.

These workshops has been helping companies develop and enact a purposeful strategy positioned to acquire, deploy, and develop veteran talent to its “first-best use” within the organization.

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We at M2C have unparalleled touch-points with veterans' career post-retirement, we know the secret sauce for that winning veteran resume because; We are Recruiters, We are Industry Insiders & We are Veterans

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