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10 Best practices to ace your resume

21st September 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of job hunting, one thing remains constant: the power of a well-crafted resume. For veterans, transitioning into civilian roles can be both exciting and challenging. Your military experience is undoubtedly valuable, but translating it onto paper in a way that captures the attention of recruiters can be a daunting task. However, fear not, because armed with the latest resume best practices, you can embark on your civilian career journey with confidence and purpose.


Some of the latest and widely used resume best practices are:

  1. Add numbers & percentages wherever you can, highlight the specifics with valid quantification for each.
  2. Use a professional format, avoid any clutter of information, make it easy to read and comprehend.
  3. Focus on the top 1/3 of the resume, add an intelligent summary/headline, start with your most relevant experience and make it catch the attention of the recruiter.
  4. Use relevant keywords to pass through the applicant tracking system (ATS) or create an impression on the recruiter that you have read the job description well.
  5. Keep your resume limited to 1 or 2 pages at the max. Tailor your resume everytime you apply for a role as per the job requirements and keyskills.
  6. Don't forget to showcase soft skills that make companies look for veterans; skills such as leadership, problem solving, decision making in VUCA scenarios etc.

So, veterans, as you embark on this new chapter of your professional life, remember that your unique skills and experiences are your greatest assets. Embrace these resume best practices, and let them serve as the gateway to your next career adventure. Craft your resume with precision, weaving your military achievements into a narrative that speaks volumes to potential employers. Your journey from service to civilian life is a story worth telling, and your resume is the first chapter. Now, go forth, armed with knowledge, and write the next exciting page of your career story.



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