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Veteran Talent Hiring

M2C is a niche talent firm that focuses only on veteran talent. M2C has unparallel access to the veteran talent pool comprising of already retired and about to-be retired short service, permanent commission officers of Indian Army, Navy, Air Force and Para-Military Forces such as CISF, BSF etc. for fulfilling mid and senior level leadership positions. M2C has also access to junior and non-commissioned military officers that are an ideal fit for entry to mid-level positions.

Diversity Hiring

Diversity is no longer a nice thing to do; it is in fact a smart thing to do. M2C is a firm believer in the power of diversity. M2C helps organizations build a diverse workforce by recommending high caliber and ambitious women officers who add value by bringing in unique perspectives to the workplace environment and different points of view to business challenges.

Transition Services

M2C understands that veterans require handholding when crossing over to the corporate world. M2C’s transition services are carefully engineered to make this transition happen seamlessly. M2C’s Transition Services include:

Resume Building Services

Veterans perform multiple jobs during their active military service and thus it becomes very important to translate their military experience into an articulation that is well understood by the corporate world. M2C ‘Resume Building Services’ team understands the military and corporate language; and thus helps in bringing up the right and compelling profiles on to the hiring managers' desk.

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Professional Networks Presence

Veterans spend less time on on-line professional networks during active military years and thus have limited knowledge of the impact of on-line networking tools. M2C helps veterans build professional presence on targeted networks such as LinkedIn to increase visibility among potential employers.

Corporate Immersion Workshops

Military and corporate worlds work differently and understanding these differences hold the key to smooth transitioning. M2C specialist teams run customized workshops with veterans looking out for a second career based on their military experience. These immersion workshops give veterans a simulated experience and understanding of how corporates work, the general business behavior, the latest trends in the industry verticals which inspires their confidence to approach select industry verticals for the employment opportunities.

Interview Support

M2C provides complete support and guidance to veterans by conducting simulated interviews that assesses both the functional and soft skills of veterans. Post interviews, M2C interview panelists share detailed assessment reports with veterans on required interventions to improve interview success rate.

Employment Fitment Analysis and Psychometric Tests

M2C specialists perform an in-depth analysis of veterans’ army career and map it to relevant industry verticals and functions where the veterans are likely to have the maximum opportunity to contribute and thus have a fulfilling career. M2C also conducts a psychometric test to best understand veteran candidates’ overall aptitude and thus recommended the most suited functions and industry verticals.