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Resume Building Services

At MilitarytoCorp, we understand that you, as a military professional, have proudly worn your resume on your chest, we do know that your credentials outsize a typical resume; however resume is the first and most important transition tool in your armor, when transitioning to corporate. Our extensive experience in veteran hiring strongly points towards the need to have a compelling, crisp and differentiated resume that breaks away from the clutter of applications and catches the recruiters’ attention.

Why M2C

We at M2C have unparalleled touch-points with veterans career post retirement, we know the secret sauce for that winning veteran resume because:

We are recruiters – M2C is focused on veteran hiring and this gives us immense understanding of what recruiters are looking at. We know what works and what does not; we have seen both winning resumes and resumes losing out due to poor or perplexing draft.

We are Industry Insiders - At M2C, we are continuously engaged in conversations with HR leaders across industries and functions, in India and elsewhere. We exactly know what industry is thinking and what has fizzled out.

We are Veterans - We are a team of military veterans and recruitment consultants; we have immense knowledge and understanding of both corporate and military vocabulary and more importantly, we know how to harmonize the two.

How it works

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Entry Level
  • 20 minutes of telephonic counseling
  • Fitment-Analysis with corporate sector
  • Broad based and generic CV for multiple opportunities across industries and functions
  • 40 to 60 minutes of telephonic counseling
  • In-depth analysis of military or para-military career and corporate career (if applicable)
  • Relevant keywords placement in resume for higher ‘CV Shortlisted’ conversion
  • Fact based and data backed resume
  • Option of choosing one generic and one or two industry or role focused resumes
  • Veterans who have served at entry or junior level positions in military or paramilitary
  • Veterans from non technical background
  • Recently retired veterans without corporate experience
  • Veterans looking for entry level positions in corporate sector
  • Veterans who have served at senior or mid-level leadership positions in military or paramilitary forces
  • Veterans who have technical background and are targeting specific roles and industries
  • Veterans who are aiming for middle or senior level roles in corporate sector

INR 3950

INR 7950

INR 3050
LinkedIn is a powerful professional networking tool that millions of professionals across globe use every day to connect for professional opportunities.
Our LinkedIn specialists will connect you with relevant groups, insert key skills and create a highly effective LinkedIn page for you, which will result into meaningful conversations and career opportunities for you.

Additional CV
INR 7950
We understand that you have worn multiple hats in your military career, however it is very important for you to pitch only those skills that have direct correlation with the job role that you are applying for. In view of this, we recommend a generic profile that has relevancy for most of the jobs, and one focused profile that positions you for specific industry or role that you are keen on.

Resume + LinkedIn Profile = 7000   4999 (incl. taxes)

Two Resume (1 Generic + 1 Focused) + LinkedIn Profile = 18950   11,999 (incl. taxes)
One Resume + LinkedIn Profile = 11,000   9999 (incl. taxes)

For more information on resume building services please drop us a mail at or call us at 0-888-220-1111