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Engagement Models

  1. Corporate Events: You can engage our speakers for corporate events such as annual meet, employees all-hands, customers conclave, investors huddle etc. Our speakers ensure that their conversation substance and style blends with the event theme and with the audience demographics; so that our session looks more integrated with the overall objectives of your event rather than a flown-in piece.
  2. Focused Workshops: Are you looking to run specific interventions with a focused group to elevate their performance and step-up their motivation levels. Our speakers are highly experienced in running customized workshops with both heterogeneous and homogenous participant groups. To enable this – we understand the objectives of workshop, expected outcomes and participants’ profiles before the actual workshop; and based on it - we design workshop pedagogy and delivery style.
  3. Coaching and Mentoring: A very significant part of military leadership revolves around coaching and mentoring the next set of diverse leaders. Over the centuries, military has perfected and validated the coaching and mentoring practices that enable to bring best out of ordinary people. Engage with our veteran coaches, if your organization is looking to coach and mentor a senior leader for next set of opportunities, develop an alternate view of contexts, and see the hidden possibilities by bringing subtle behavioral changes. Our coaches can be engaged on continuous basis so that interventions are durable, sustainable and outcome based.
  4. Outbound: If you are looking beyond the song and dance routine of typical outbound programs, engage with our coaches and facilitators who will blend in their sessions with the overall objectives of your outbound programs. You can engage our speakers and facilitators for delivering engaging and meaningful sessions that will increase the RoI from your outbound programs.
  5. Bespoke: Our bespoke training programs address the learning and development objectives that cannot be effectively answered through cookie-cutter solutions. Our L&D assessors, trainers and speakers would take a deep dive of your specific L&D objectives; and co-create a highly customized program that will target the specific goals and objectives.